Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mentos....The Grapefruit Maker?

So, earlier this week I had the privilege of trying what promises to be a new favorite indulgence.
We are all familiar with will recall, thanks to their oft imitated commercials, that they are the, um, "FRESHMAKER."
What you may not realize, however, is that the tasty little candies are not limited to the mint varietels. Rather, there are numerous other flavors available. A quick glance at Wikipedia, shows that there are at least 16 different flavors (maybe more!). Unfortunately, not all of these flavor varieties are available in the States.
Well, on another blog I love to read, Not Martha, I had read about these grapefruit ones. The writer there had recently visited our Neighbor to the North, Canada. There, she had the opportunity to sample these taste treats. I knew at once I had to find them!
Then, like magic, yesterday - I stumbled on them in my office building's sundry shop! Can you believe it? Right there, all this time? I bought the roll, and rushed back to my desk for my tasting.
Slightly tart, slightly sweet, totally chewy - the mentos experience faithfully captures what we love about Pink Grapefruit! The candy isn't cloyingly sweet, however, it's not shockingly sour either. Rather, it is a pleasing balance of tartness.
I suggest you look for these in your area. Maybe try some of the other flavors, too. The only one I saw on Wikipedia that I could do without, though, is Raisin. YUCK!

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