Sunday, April 15, 2007


Last night's Postsecret event was awesome!! I hope some of you were able to check it out. I met Frank and he signed one of my books. He is a cool guy and really approachable.

The walls had these things hanging on them that look like photo sleeves (from a photo album) that hold 6 postcards each. You could read both the front and back of each card this way. They also had a slide show of blown up postcards as well.

I talked to a lot of people about the project and got some really great reactions. People really started to think about their own secrets and what they could send to Frank. Frank actually asked me if I ever sent him a card and oddly enough (with being obsessed and all) I haven't. My automatic response is "I really don't have secrets" but I should have known better - we all have secrets. But I think seeing the postcards each week for the last year and a half has taught me to be more open about things and share something I would otherwise consider a secret.

Only strange thing about the event is that the venue censored some of the cards because of mature content. So instead of the real postcard there was some other card that just said the real card was being censored. Some of the mature content cards were actually hidden behind the venue created censored cards, but some were not there at all. So I'm not sure what's up with that exactly...

Anyway, I want to thank Frank and 4 Projects (and Dejha) for bringing this great event to Miami and exposing more people to this thought provoking project.

And as always....go check out Postsecret for its weekly new set of postcards.



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