Wednesday, June 20, 2007

39 Ways to Live

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we don't just exist on this earth - but we also live. And here are 39 ways you can do that (go to the website to read more about each way you can live - I shortened the list below):

1. Love. It doesn't have to be romantic love. Love all of humanity, one person at a time.

2. Get outside.

3. Savor food. Don't just eat your food, but really enjoy it.

4. Create a morning ritual. Wake early and greet the day. Watch the sun rise. Out loud, tell yourself that you will not waste this day, which is a gift. You will be compassionate to your fellow human beings, and live every moment to its fullest. Stretch or meditate or exercise as part of your ritual. Enjoy some coffee.

5. Take chances. What do you have to lose?

6. Follow excitement.

7. Find your passion.

8. Get out of your cubicle.

9. Turn off the TV.

10. Pull away from Internet.

11. Travel.

12. Rediscover what's important. Take an hour and make a list of everything that's important to you. Add to it everything that you want to do in life. Now cut that list down to 4-5 things. Just the most important things in your life. This is your core list. This is what matters. Focus your life on these things. Make time for them.

13. Eliminate everything else. What's going on in your life that's not on that short list?

14. Exercise.

15. Be positive.

16. Open your heart.

17. Kiss in the rain. Seize the moment and be romantic.

18. Face your fears.

19. When you suffer, suffer. Life isn't all about fun and games. Suffering is an inevitable part of life. We lose our jobs. We lose our lovers. We lose our pets. We get physically injured or sick. A loved one becomes sick. A parent dies. Learn to feel the pain intensely, and really grieve. This is a part of life -- really feel the pain. And when you're done, move on, and find joy.

20. Slow down.

21. Touch humanity.

22. Volunteer.

23. Play with children.

24. Talk to old people.

25. Learn new skills.

26. Find spirituality.

27. Take mini-retirements. Don't leave the joy of retirement until you are too old to enjoy it. Do it now, while you're young.

28. Do nothing. Doing nothing as in sitting there, doing nothing. Just learning to be still, in silence, to hear our inner voice, to be in tune with life. Do this daily if possible.

29. Stop playing video games.

30. Watch sunsets, daily.

31. Stop reading magazines.

32. Break out from ruts.

33. Stop watching the news. It's depressing and useless.

34. Laugh till you cry.

35. Lose control. Not only control over yourself, but control over others.

36. Cry. Men, especially.

37. Make an awesome dessert.

38. Try something new, every week.

39. Be in the moment. Instead of thinking about things you need to do, or things that have happened to you, or worrying or planning or regretting, think about what you are doing, right now. What is around you? What smells and sounds and sights and feelings are you experiencing? Learn to do this as much as possible through meditation, but also through bringing your focus back to the present as much as you can in everything you do.

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Blogger kovoor36 said...

nice list. i think we all aspire to follow lists liek these. the hard part is following thru with it.

June 20, 2007 10:16 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

you are right - we all want to live to these principals but life always gets in the way!

June 20, 2007 10:55 AM  
Blogger Elad said...

i like #4 the best.

June 20, 2007 3:38 PM  

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