Monday, June 18, 2007

Gossip Addiction

Finally the NY Daily News figured out what is wrong with all of us gossip hungry addicts.

We sit online all day clicking the celeb internet sites and then going home to watch Access Hollywood and then later read Star Magazine because we don't have a life!


"I know people who are checking the blogs compulsively all day to see if there's any new news," she said. "Celebrity news gives you a kind of high. It feels like something exciting happened to someone you know. You feel like 'I'm in the know, I'm cool too because I'm keeping up with it.'

"Underneath these soft addictions, there's often a greater need - a hunger to be important, to matter, to belong, to be part of something," she said. "It tells you there's something missing in your life."

"You need to add things to your life that meet your deepest needs, replacing your celebrity addiction. By letting go, you gain back a sense of intimacy and closeness, more time, less mind-numbing activity," she said.


Wow and I thought I was using celeb gossip to escape the insanity of my life. Now I am supposed to realize I actually have no life and that's why I am addicted? Geez this is hard to keep up with....I wonder what's going on with Britney right now....(clicks on

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