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A Designer's Best Friend

Welcome to Project Runway, Season 3, Episode 3 Recap - A Designer's Best Friend aka Doggy Style. This is a pseudo-live recap - in that I type up the blog while watching, then make it look pretty and readable after the show is over. Hope you all enjoy!

YooHoo! Says Heidi to start off the show…YOOHOO HEIDI!

She tells the group they will design an outfit around the Hottest Accessory…which Tim will tell them about later. But first the model pick. Again, who gives a crap about the models? I guess it is just a chance to hear aufidersan early in the show…

The group starts guessing the accessory…Cell phone, belt, shoe…and they are off to bed to dream about the next challenge. It is suddenly 6:00 am and they get a letter from Tim telling them to go uptown along the west side of central park. Some start to question if Central Park horses are a fashion accessory?

The designers wait out in the park and according to Michael it is cold as “shit” – and here is Tim prancing into the park with Little doggies!!! Good job Rosebud, on BPR for guessing this!!

So Laura is already complaining about the dog – and again we are reminded she has 5 children. Yea OK Laura I get it – you are amazing and have taken on the world with 5 kids - thank you for the reminder! Now start wearing some clothes that cover up your rib cage!

It looks like everyone picked themselves when they picked their dogs…I would take any one of those home to cuddle up with!

Tim tells the group they are making a woman’s wear outfit inspired by the dog. They should think narratively and tell a story about the owner. What kind of woman is she? Where is she going? They also have to make a complimentary outfit for the dog.

They have 2 days, $150 and 30 minutes to sketch. Here we go!

Uh oh did I see Vincent put a hat on the dog? Didn’t he learn with the first episode that he doesn’t work well with hats? Meanwhile, Robert is trying hard to get a still picture of his dog while Laura pushes her dog away so she can focus on the sketch. These dogs are an animated bunch!

Off to Mood. Alison wants some linen, silk, and leather. Uli is looking for a cool print, Kayne has picked up a “gorgeous” Misoni print. Robert has found something that he calls “Jackie Kennedy and Barbie wrapped in one.” Meanwhile we see Laura not loving what Kayne and Robert picked. And all Kayne has to say is Laura is Vanilla while he is Rocky Road. And for all of you that don’t know – Rocky Road is my favorite!

The group looks a bit nervous this week back at the workroom. Katherine knows she has to prove herself this week. Bradley is daydreaming and having time management issues. And Robert…well, his Park Avenue princess just checked into rehab and needs someone to take care of the dog for the weekend – such an imagination on that one! I wonder if that ever inspired a Barbie outfit!?

I’ll tell you one thing - I don’t know whether to laugh at it or moan about it – Vincent’s accent. The DAAAWWWG challenge everyone! I am from Neeeew YAWK!!

Of course we get Jeffrey loving his outfit again and already winning the challenge in his own mind. Vincent is in the corner laughing at himself and the doggie hat. (Is he mocking himself?) And Bradley is just abandoning his whole design. By the way it is his birthday the next day…what if he is out on his birthday – he better blow out some candles and make a wish!

Keith is looking over at Bradley and thinks Bradley should have gone with his vision. Why you ask? Because according to Keith, Bradley’s original vision wouldn’t be any worse than what Angela is doing because her outfit is a big bag of skittles! Purple and pink and scary! OUCH!

So it seems that Keith finds it easy to throw stones, but maybe he should build a shelter in his glass house because the other designers are getting sick of him. Laura finds Keith to be mean and too competitive – and well, basically a “shit head” in the workroom. Of course Mr. Stone Thrower himself says Laura is just a Bad Mommy!

And where is poor Bradley during all of this? He sees the “spiciness” but wants to stay clear of the storm. He needs to start praying for his dear life!

And now…Tim the Great.

First stop – Katherine. She says her dress is put together and the dog will wear a doggie hoodie. That seems to be her thing – the hoodie. But Tim finds it to be too basic. Katherine please listen to Tim – he knows all!

Next Uli – Tim loves it. First he didn’t know what she was doing with those crazy fabrics – but now he sees the beauty. It is Funky and Cool!

Tim also loves Alison’s outfit. Thinks Keith’s dress is gorgeous and innovative but is concerned about the dog. Keith thinks the challenge is lame and the woman in his story wouldn’t dress a dog.

Next Tim talks to Angela and knows this outfit is over the top. Even Uli is concerned. There are those crazy little flower things…oy vey!! All Tim can say is “carry on.”

And finally, Bradley. Tim asks – where are you? All we get is Silence. Tim finally says he doesn’t get it. Tim says the whole thing needs to be redone. All Bradley can do is take a deep breath. Where are those damn birthday candles?? Vincent says Bradley likes to jump off bridges and find things as he falls – that may be true – but who is Vincent to talk?

At this point Bradley is ready to forfeit and send nothing down the runway. But it is his birthday!!!! Robert thinks Bradley is walking around like a man without a country. Since when are the designers on this show so metaphoric?

In the end Bradley meets with his model and realizes she can get cut, too. He goes with his original outfit (because otherwise she is going down naked) and hopes for the best!

And now…Runway time!

Vera Wang is back (do we miss Michael Kors yet? BPR answers the question - Michael Kors, where have you gone? I love to remember the musical theater days of Season 2) Nina Garcia is there and the guest judge is Ivanka Trump (yes the Trump daughter who is lucky enough to get some Vice President position at her Daddy’s company). I wish I could get pictures of the smiles on the judge’s faces when the dogs came out – nothing like puppies in couture to crack the shell of Nina Garcia.

Kayne feels good about his model’s performance on the runway. She was being the “rich bitch” she was supposed to be! The outfit was a bit too plastic looking for me – but it will do the job.

Uli is confident and says her outfit fit the story she wanted to tell. I think she has a lot of vision and style. She really takes risk with colors, fabrics, and still makes the craziest looking patterns look wearable and fashionable. And as crazy as the fabric was, the model looked like she was in a comfortable and easy going outfit.

Robert’s dog, Chanel, is at the heels of model. Chanel is a natural born star! And yes I see that Jackie Kennedy print shine through! The outfit is cute but nothing that will win this competition.

Alison loved the entire look and her dog’s adorable matching vest. I think her entire outfit was well thought out and stylish. Very modern and edgy. I can see her model in her clean white loft apartment with the Mac computer glowing in the corner. Alison has a point of view and I love it!

Bradley says this is a great birthday because his model didn’t go nude down the runway! Well if that is all it takes for a great birthday then your wish came true! He just hopes he doesn’t get swallowed in the jaws of judges. Bradley’s outfit reminds me of Daniel Vosovik’s Orchid outfit – which the Judge’s loved last year. (Am I just looking for reason's to say Daniel Vosovik?) His ass will be saved. Happy Birthday to You!

Keith sends a dress he thinks is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated in its own way. But there is no outfit on that doggie. Sure the outfit is constructed well and looks pretty but the point of the challenge was to dress the dog too. I think that is plenty for him to be out.

Bonnie feels her model looks fabulous walking down the runway. You know, I forgot she was on the show. I am not excited about her outfit and the jacket was cut strangely (too long). She needs to do something to stand out before she fades away.

Katherine really liked her garment on the runway and feels the model and dog looked great together. I think Katherine is just too sporty and she can’t get out of that mindset. She needs to open up more to keep up with the other designers. The outfit is cute but you can’t compare it with the dresses that Uli or Alison are putting out there.

Michael absolutely loved everything about what went out on the runway. This outfit was very interesting. The top of the dress and the dog’s outfit were a perfect match. I would love to know what kind of story he would tell about his dog. Although his outfit isn’t moving, it is good enough to compete and hopefully next week we see something a little more daring.

Vincent’s dog is trying to get that stupid hat off his head! What the hell is this thing? So ugly and simple. And that dog’s hat is awful. And the model wore a hat too! I think I am officially sick of everything Vincent puts together. Just please take him off the show already!
Laura has made another jacket. Wow a jacket. Is that all she knows how to make? All of her outfits say Laura, which I guess is nice in its own way – but I need more. I need to connect and not just see Laura’s jacket. And please – cover up the rib cage!

Angela feels incredibly proud and says the whole outfit is unlike anything anyone has done. Her outfit is unlike anything anyone has done because they actually have taste, unlike Angela. Angela doesn’t know how to make clothes that covers skin. And the colors, fabrics, design and accessories are hurting my eyes.

Jeffrey of course thinks his outfit is beautiful. His outfit had his layering and cut that he loves. Nothing exciting or memorable for me. I take back thinking he is anything like Santino. Each week you never knew what Santino would design. Jeffrey is sending out the same cut, color and design with just a different layering direction. If you are so rock and roll why not show it already?

Now time for the judging.

Allison, Bradley, Keith, Angela, Katherine, and Uli are asked to step forward. The rest are safe.

Uli’s story is that she created an outfit for young hip girl not afraid of color. She partied last night got home at 4 am and is going to meet her fabulous girlfriends for lunch the next day. (I think I need to start making a fabulous count for this show). The Judges like the mixture of patterns, find the dress to be playful and fits great and although Uli’s dog is normally butch it has a feminine twist.

Katherine’s story is of a girl with a hidden sporty side. A simple modern woman who needs to dress up for Sunday brunch with girls. The Judges aren’t really getting it and they seem to like the dog’s outfit more than the model’s outfit. Ivanka thinks the dress is too simple, Heidi thinks it is “blah” and Nina thinks there is something to be desired with execution.

Alison’s story is of a young Japanese woman working in the fashion industry. She travels religiously with her dog and she is now at Fashion Week working as a buyer. The Judges eat it up. They find her style and hair to be modern and sheik and love the outfit all around.

Angela’s story is of an assistant director at kid’s art camp in Paris. She is throwing a birthday party for the camp mascot (the dog). Considering all the skin that is showing, the Judges question whether this woman should be working with kids. Nina doesn’t get Angela’s explanation and doesn’t even know what to say. Heidi thinks it is raunchy (and not in a good way). Vera finds the skirt to be beautifully draped but there needs to more of a focus on style.

Bradley’s story is of a woman architect who is confident and appreciates simplicity and structure. Today is Bradley’s lucky day because the Judges love it! Vera loves the honey color top, the pumps, the hair, and the profile of the entire outfit. Nina thinks it could be in Elle. His wish did come true!

Keith’s story is of a modern, sophisticated woman who doesn’t want to dress up her dog in clothes. The Judges love the dress but give him a hard time about the dog’s lack of outfit. He says he made many outfits for the dog (none of which we saw during the episode…lies lies lies) and he slips and says he made the dog collar. Heidi doesn’t believe him and checks the collar. He is busted because Heidi figures out it is just a bracelet around his neck (go Heidi, you smart cookie!). Overall the Judges find it hard to make a decision on Keith because there is no outfit on the dog.

During deliberations, the Judges think Bradley is the most original and rather beautiful. Uli has a good feeling for colors, patterns, and her thoughts about the dog came across. Alison’s outfit made sense and she has vision. She was able to get down a full look, which every other designer wasn’t able to accomplish.

Katherine’s dog’s hoodie was a hit but that was the long and short of it. She has a lack of creativity and they think it would have been easier to Judge her outfit if she sewed it better. As for Angela, they really did not like it at all. Vera says it was made well but her style is off. Ivanka says the model looked like a street walker (ouch!). Finally, they don’t like Keith’s attitude and Ivanka is tempted to go back to the video of the workroom to see if Keith lied about making 4 outfits for the dog. They find his model’s outfit to be well presented and impeccable – but what about the dog?

And first, we guess who wins…

Elad’s guess– Alison wins, Angela deserves to go

Shawn’s guess- Alison in – Katherine out

And the winner is…Uli!!!! (Why did I even second guess Uli?)

And Katherine is Out. They questioned Angela’s taste level, but in the end Katherine’s outfit was poorly executed and uninspired.

Katherine was a little shocked that she was out. She never thought she was going to win but thought she did a good job. The judges said it wasn’t inspired but she said it was the most inspired piece she made so far on the show. She enjoyed what she made and liked it, which she feels is the best way to go

So who is my top? Uli is my number one. Of course I still got love for Kayne and Robert, but they didn’t step up this week. Uli has been consistent and original and she stays at the top.

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