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Project Runway - Season 3 - Episode 11 - What the Elle?

Did you know...

Jeffrey is a romantic
Uli talks in the third person
The produers of Project Runway are sneaky little buggers
That the Wall Street Journal has a fashion section
Laura is tired of living
Michael gets designer's block (it happens to even the best)
There was a secret episode last week (heheheh - sorry to all those who fell for this)

...and the designers might have just lost their minds.

That's right folks - this week we learned something new about everyone on this show. Project Runway - always keeping it fresh!

We start the show this week with a big shake up - a model switch!! Uli took Nazri!!
Michael declared Uli's death at this point - but who wouldn't - it's Nazri! The girl could make anyone win.

So after a few curse words were exchanged, the designers are sent to Nina Garcia's office at Elle Magazine to find out about their challenge.

The designers are given absolute freedom in this challenge. They must create a design which expresses their designing point of view and communicate some story. The designers are also told that they must pick 3 words to describe their point of view which connect to the design. These three words will be given in right before it is time to judge on the runway.

(hey guys don't look so excited)

They are given $250 and 2 days to make it work. A bunch of description words are thrown around.




(yes I am looking at you Mrs. Bennett)

Tim comes around to check in on the designers. He also comes with another surprise. The winner of this challenge will have their outfit photographed by someone famous (I think someone named Jill Bensimone?? Gilles Bensimon) and be printed in Elle Magazine on its First Look Page.

What a range of emotions.

The designers are told that they will also be taking pictures of their designs out on the streets of Manhattan. Oh, and their time is cut in half now. Only 5 hours to complete their outfits.

Did I mention Uli just ripped up her dress and started from scratch and Michael just barely got a sketch down on paper?

I guess that face makes more sense now.

So the designers get to work and magically are able to finish their designs in time. They take out the girls and start shooting

Because I am not a screencap queen I wasn't able to show you folks Nazri on the street - living life - having fun - and playing with random musicians in the subway. Take my word for it - she looked great. (By the way - thank you Elad for hooking it up with these photos!) The Project Rungay boys got a picture of it - check it out here.

Meanwhile - Laura was having some trouble working an elevator. Only makes sense when she is so accustomed to an elevator man taking care of this for her.

So enough of this boring stuff - let's get to the designs already!!!! The judges are Heidi, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Teri Agins (lead fashion writer for the Wall Street Journal)

Uli - WINNER!!!!

Fun, Life, Adventure

(I wear my sunglasses at night)

Uli took her model out to Times Sq. and down to the subway to show a woman who is having fun and living life. The judges LOVED it. They said it looked Uli but still managed to surprise them, which was the exact goal of this challenge. Who knew that all she had to do was shorten the dress to win the challenge!


Glamour, Confidence, Elegance

(yes that is my ribcage, again)

Laura wanted to show a girl who is confident enough to hail a cab. She also wanted to show someone confident enough to show her breast plate to the world. I believe Michael Kors said he was going to kill himself if he saw another bare neck from Laura. Finally they see what we have been saying all season! The judges said that they were not surprised and although this very cocktail dress is Laura's thing, they need more variety and less ribs.


Provocative, Irreverence, Romantic

(I am about to creep you out by now being Romantic)

I do not think I have ever heard the word "romantic" used so many times ever in my life. It annoyed me and creeped me out - almost as much as Vincent getting off on everything. Jeffrey took his model to Central Park (because, you know, it's romantic) and wanted to give the dress an heirloom feel. I have no clue what is "irreverant" or "provocative" about this dress. The judges don't buy any of it. They used my favorite word to describe it - dowdy. Heidi said it reminded her of a milkmaid. Jeffrey, all this romance just isn't you, stick to what you know best, hating and shit talking!


Sexiness, Sensuality, Sultry

(I am at home waiting for your call - 1800 MKs GIRL)

I realized something tonight. Michael is amazing and I love him, but he is immature when it comes to his designs and point of view. The fact that he used an alliteration where all three words practically meant the same thing said to me that he just wants his designs to be hot - but is that the next big thing in fashion, or is that consumerism? I still love his work and if he made anything that would fit me I would go out and buy it, but I am not setting trends and changing the way people think about clothes.

Michael took his model to Atlas because he wanted that "lounge" feel. I guess Atlas has some nice interior design, but he is in NYC, why didn't he just bring her to an ultra modern lounge? Uli said Michael's picture and dress looked like it belonged in a sex ad. Well, he was going for that "sexy" look. The Judges were not happy. They pointed out that gowns are not his forté and that they expected more from him. I think it all comes back to the fact that he is still not mature enough as a designer to know his asthetic and what he does well. I think with time he will only get better, which is great because if we love what he does now can you imagine what he will put out in the future?

So now that we know who is in, don't you wanna know who is out?


The producers decided to throw in one last surprise and let all 4 designers into fashion week! Hoooray!!! We don't have to choose!!!! No more speculation over who is the decoy. All four lines (which we have already had a peek at) will be judged and soon we will have a winner to Season 3 of Project Runway!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn, my dear, second row left isn't Nazri.

September 28, 2006 8:45 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

it isn't? but at that point she was keith's model...oooppps sorry..i will fix it right now - thanks for pointing that out :)

September 28, 2006 8:53 AM  
Blogger kovoor36 said...

ooh cant wait for the reunion next week and bryant park!!:)

September 28, 2006 9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved Angry Little Peanut's feet dangling in Nina's office.

September 28, 2006 3:58 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

hehehe i didnt even notice that - funny

September 28, 2006 4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great entry today! Love your point of view and I totally agree with everything you said, especially about Michael, as much as I have liked him all season. BTW, the photographer's name is Gilles Bensimon. He's some French dude who is a really famous fashion photographer. Also, Nazri was Keith's model until he got kicked out, so she wore all of his designs until he left. She is amazing. I almost don't want her to be the winner's model because modeling for Macy's for a year seems like a crappy prize for someone like her, who is so far beyond that. I think it would hold her back from what she could really accomplish. She is definitely ready for the big time.

September 28, 2006 8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome post... love the pics and the commentary, especially: "Jeffrey, all this romance just isn't you, stick to what you know best, hating and shit talking!" hahaha!

None of Jeffrey's words made sense together, ESPECIALLY "irreverent!" How the heck is not caring or disrespect romantic or provocative?!?

September 28, 2006 9:38 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Thank you so much to both annonymous comments - I really appreciate the feedback :)

Oh and thanks for clearing up the name of the photographer and the Nazri question --- there needs to be some website or chart that says which model was with which designer each episode

And I totally agree that Jeffrey's words made sense - I think he used those words to describe himself somehow and it just didn't come across in the outfit -- and maybe that is why jeffrey is so strange to all of us - he is just a conflict of a bunch of different adjetives

As for Nazri modelling for Macy's -- I didn't realize that was the prize - I thought that the model just gets a shoot in Elle Magazine and the designer gets to start a line with Macy's (or with funding from MAcy's or under the mentorship from MAcy's - something like that).

September 29, 2006 8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI shawn,Project runway in wikipedia has a chart that says which model was with which designer each episode... nice recap!!

October 01, 2006 3:29 AM  

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