Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Earthrace Pod on

Longtime readers may recall that Shawn and I are big Current TV fans. There's a pod (what Current calls their "shows") up at their website,, that is this close to making it on TV. This pod, seen below, is part of VC2, or viewer-created content and it needs to be "green-lighted" by enough people to make it on the air and win the producers of the pod a $1000.

I think this is a great pod because it highlights Biodiesel, the wave of the future (hopefully), and has some gorgeous shots of the Miami skyline. (I could do without the repetitive techno, but, hey, it's a Miami pod.)

You can view the pod below, but please go to their website, sign up for a quick and easy account, and give your greenlight to this and other worthy pods.

Also, I hope you're checking out GreenerMiami, who had a hand in creating this pod. They've got some wonderful stuff about local environmental issues over there. It's not easy being green in a city like Miami, so they need all the help they can get.

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